Thursday, December 13, 2012

A sweet new arrival

Uncle Patrick and Aunt Samantha welcomed their first child on Monday, December 10, 2012.  Sweet Alyssa McKenzie made her debut at around 9pm.  We were all waiting for her!  Connell and Emma are over the moon excited about their new cousin.  They have never been to the hospital to visit a baby (ok, well except when Connell came to meet newborn Emma) and they were so full of questions.  Some were easier to answer than others.  Ha!
We went the next night and took dinner to the new parents and got to cuddle with Alyssa.  She is pretty and perfect and a blessing from God.  We can't wait to watch her grow! :)

Our Star Student

Last week at school, it was Connell's turn to be the Star Student.  He had to complete a poster about himself and share several fun things/items with his classmates throughout the week.  You can't see his pencil writing, but here is how he answered his questions:
I am a star because:  "I like people."
When I grow up, I would like to be:  "A cleaner."
Favorite things:
Color:  black
Animal:  little dogs
Food:  noodles
Book:  The Kissing Hand
Sport:  Basketball

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Breakfast with Santa at the Polar Express

The Millspaugh's invited us to their church for Breakfast with Santa this morning.  Dr. Millspaugh has been working on building the train for the Polar Express theme for a while now.  We actually got a really cool sneak peek of it in his garage while Tim was there working on building our new headboard (that's another post).  It is so cool!  Blew smoke and choo-chooed and everything!
Dr. Millspaugh was dressed as the conductor and Emma didn't realize it was him.  She wouldn't get her picture made beside him without me.  

Monday, July 30, 2012

The times are a changin'

Our little boy will go to his new "big school" tomorrow.  He will be there all day, 8am until 2:45pm.  I guess it's not that different from a Tuesday at Mother's Day Out.  They are doing kindergarten testing.  He is super excited and he is ready.  He will go again on Thursday for a kindergarten phase-in day, I guess it's like a "practice" day.  We'll survive the week, and then Monday, it's his first official REAL day of kindergarten.  We are working on our bedtime routine (we've always had one, we just stray from it during summertime) and he was in bed and quickly sleeping at 8 tonight.

I remember a few years ago at a MOPS meeting, one of the mentors addressed the issue of mommy anxiety on the first day of school.  She said that every time throughout the day you feel that worry/anxiety creep in, just to stop and pray.  Pray for my child.  Pray for his teacher.  I will be praying.  A lot.   
I pinned this on pinterest a year ago. Who knew this day would come so quickly.
Sleeping sweetly tonight.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Miscellaneous

I am trying to work my way back into the blogging world. I truly miss blogging, but am just really struggling to find the TIME to do it. I am going to try to catch up (um, seven months) because it's driving me crazy to be so far behind. This is, afterall, our family scrapbook/baby books/ etc. I need and want to do this blog. It bothers me that in order to "catch up" I will do lots of pictures and not as much writing, and I know there are SO many things to share and write about for the last half year. I am going to try my best. Bear with me. (I am really speaking to myself with this!:)

For the month of March, we had unusually warm weather. We have spent a good bit of time outside and it's been great. Here are some miscellaneous photos from the month.

Grandma and Grandpa visited and had special reading time with
all Connell and Emma's "friends."
Happy faces at Taco Mamacita! YUMMY!
They like to have lazy mornings watching the Disney channel in our bed. I don't really stress about the tv time, because they don't really ever watch any tv the rest of the day. Current faves: Connell loves the Octonauts. Emma is all about The Little Einsteins lately (and still Mickey/Minnie of course!)
Near mid-March, we decided it was time to switch Emma into her toddler bed. She started being able to climb out of her crib so it was just time. I told her I wanted one last picture of her in her crib.
Connell wanted to be part of the photo, too. He has been climbing IN for quite some time. They really like to hang out in there together.
The transition went very smoothly, just as it did with Connell. It was strange for the first few days, going to bed in a home with no babies in cribs. I am not sure I was ready for that, and can't believe how fast these babies are growing.
Bedtime for the first time in the toddler bed. She loves it!
We put our house on the market at the end of February. The beautiful weather has been good to our yard, and I snapped this photo while we were out playing one afternoon.
Someone needs a bigger bike for their upcoming birthday:)

Emma wanted to put on her cinderella dress and the little veil that goes on her bride bear. She came in the kitchen and said "Mommy, will somebody marry me?" Sweet girl!